Our Home

We moved into our current house in November 2011. We've been living in new houses the past four years so this house is a really different experience. It began as a flip and quickly turned into our future home -- we loved everything about it, even though it had a loooong way to go to be liveable for us. See, that's why we're flippers. We have mad vision.

The house was about 80% complete when we schlepped in the boxes, but we still have lots to do -- including a bathroom, landscaping, tons of finishing details, and a whole, whole lot of decorating. I plan to feature our rooms' before/afters in their own posts, and then add them here.

The Stats: 
Built in 1994
3,844 square feet
.75 acre lot
4 bedrooms
3.5 bathrooms
3-car garage
Formal living/Dining


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