Wednesday, February 22, 2012

House Tour: Master Bedroom -- Before & After

Introducing...the largest bedroom I've ever lived in! I'm not complaining--it's a gorgeous space--but, man-o-man, it is a BIG room (it even has surround sound, hello!) and before we renovated, it was a little yuck (like everything else here). Same pickled woodwork, boring walls, brass finishes. Nothing remarkably gross in here, just lots in need of sprucing, I guess.

Two houses ago (sad that I can say that and not be talking about every house we've lived in), I painted our Master Bedroom a blue/gray color that was perfection. So, why mess with perfection, right? I used it again. I really, really wanted to do a chandelier in here (just like I really wanted to in the office) until I thought about two of my least favorite things in Oklahoma: July and August (despite the fact that they are our birthday months, which redeems them slightly). Anyhow, I couldn't get past the feeling of waking up hot in the middle of the night and a ceiling fan became the clear victor in the beauty/practicality battle. Maybe in the future, I can come to grips with my weirdness and put pretty things above wind creation.

To recap: This room was an easy one. Paint, carpet, ceiling fan. We kept the existing marble surround on the fireplace for now (it works) and painted out the brass on the surround a matte black (heatproof). That's about it. I'm still deciding just how this space is supposed to work, but in the meantime it is nice to stretch out a little. 

The details:
Walls: Valspar Autumn Fog (color-matched to Sherwin Williams)
Trim and Woodwork: Sherwin Williams Dover White
Ceiling Fan: Lowes
Marble on fireplace: Existing (can't say that many times on this remodel!)




Flip-flops not part of the design plan.

This is a very overblown flash--not really this blue at all.

Still to-do
Window/door coverings

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