Monday, February 6, 2012

House Tour: Kid Rooms -- Before & After

How's that for anticipation? I had to take a slight break in blogging so we could head off to Florida for a much-needed break from reality at the most magical place on Earth. Unfortunately, reality stowed away in our oversized suitcase and presented itself in the form of a sick kiddo. Sigh... More on that trip and our gratefulness for resort laundry facilities in another post. For now, I'm going to continue this extremely lagging home-tour.

Today's peek isn't the most exciting, but I have to cover it all. These are the boys' bedrooms. I'm combining them, because I'm sure it could bore you to tears to see them in separate posts.

These two rooms were kind of...disgusting. Yep, that's a good word. I don't even want to speculate what may or may not have happened in them, but I never would have dreamed they would turn out so fresh and so clean, clean. Ridiculous paint, the grossest carpet ever, and dated fixtures--blech. Again, I wish you could smell through your screen because these pictures don't quite convey what I'm talking about.

To redo these bedrooms, we kept it simple. Fresh paint, new carpet, new fixtures, we refinished the plantation shutters and added white wooden blinds where there were none. The closets got bright lights, fresh paint, and filled to the brim. Now, two spaces for brothers to play -- minus the yuck. I think kid rooms are a place to have a little fun with color and get a little crazy. So, this is my version of crazy. I can't wait to show you these decorated. Much cuter!

(As always, click on the pictures to see them nice and big in a lightbox.)

ROOM #1 -- The details:
Walls: Sherwin Williams Lime Rickey
Trim and Woodwork: Sherwin Williams Dover White
Ceiling Fans: Lowes


I forgot to mention the murals! 

Riley looks so little here!

Excuse the TV--had to occupy children during renovations. :-)

ROOM #2 -- The details:
Walls: Sherwin Williams Bee's Wax
Trim and Woodwork: Sherwin Williams Dover White
Ceiling Fans: Lowes



Still to-do
New windows
Up next...another bathroom!

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