Wednesday, February 22, 2012

House Tour: Master Bathroom -- Before & After

And what comes after a master bedroom...why, a master bathroom! Can we just take a moment to soak in these before pictures, please? Man...the wallpaper. It is crazy to even look at these before shots and remember it. This is like a bad dream set in the 90s: whitewashed woodwork, sassy brass, CARPET (gag me). The askew blinds just make a bad thing even harder to take. I'm not even sure I got a picture of the disgusting mess that was the shower--complete with never-cleaned surround and who knows how many years of hair, dirt, grime, and gross. EW. 

An overhaul was in order here...and we gave it the 1-2. Kapow! I don't have great afters of this because honestly, this room is still very much in progress. I have lots and lots of tweaking to do (some husband involved) to make it right. And, I hate how light the paint color is so I plan on repainting it very, very soon to warm it up some. All of that to say, the afters are peeks into what will soon be.

The big things: we kept the vanities, but painted out the cabinets black, ditched the disgusting carpet and did stained concrete, granite on the counter-tops, new mirrors, vanity lights, new toilet (this goes without saying in every bathroom, but I'll say it anyway), new faucets. The biggest change came with the shower. Kevin wanted a new manly shower--one that could easily accommodate his oversized body. He ripped out the existing grossness and built an enormous cave of a shower that really changed the room. His talent astounds... Some cool tile gives this room the most modern vibe of the entire house.

The details:
Walls: Sherwin Williams Modern Gray (for now)
Trim: Sherwin Williams Dover White
Vanity Cabinets: Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black
Light Fixures and Faucets: Overstock
Shower fixtures: Kitchen Source 
Bathtub fixtures: Ebay
Concrete floors: Advance Concrete Design
Shower tile: Northwest Builders Supply
Granite countertops: Northwest Builders Supply (name of granite to come)
Mirrors: Overstock
Toilet: Home Depot


Again, I like to include the pregnant shots...


These floors were SO dirty when I took this picture. The floors really don't look like a just-used chalkboard.

Still to-do
Add another coat of sealant to concrete floors
Panel the front of the tub
Window treatments
Caulk and grout around shower 
Towel holders/bars
Finish replacing electrical outlets
New windows (faux glass blocks = not my thing)

 And cannot forget the reason I fell in love with this house, the master closet:



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  1. Obv. I know what your amazing house looks like now... but I absolutely love seeing the progress pictures. Like...LOVE.

    You guys have definitely found your calling and I'm so happy for you!


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