Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Get that reference? Yes, we have become a little addicted to Storage Wars 'round these parts. And we headed to our first local storage auction a few weeks ago. It was fun--but fast. Apparently there were supposed to be about 8 or 9 units up for grabs but then those delinquent folks ruined our fun and paid up before the gavel dropped. So, there only ended up being two on the block...and about 100 people. I think storage facility owners need to pay A&E some kind of referral fee for that, don't you?

Anyhow, we came home from the storage auction empty-handed. (We really weren't planning on buying anything in the first place.) But, now we are in full-on auction mode. 

Last week we headed to a liquidation auction for a local baker who closed down her very popular business (mostly super-fancy cakes) to teach and travel. It caught our eye because someday my mom is going to open up her own fancy cake shop and we thought maybe she could find some cheap buys.

We showed up (with two kids, no less) and started checking out our top picks from the preview list we  studied at home. We were interested in a couple pieces of furniture, some barstools, and then once we arrived we found some cool plaster decorative items that I knew would look cute with a different paint job. 

After looking around, we decided on our max prices for what we liked, I started cramming crackers in the boys' mouths and we waited for the fun to begin.

Our first pick was this really cool piece of furniture that had us battling another lady...but with our max $150, she won the fight at $155. Sigh.

The second was a wood/glass bookshelf with a faux bamboo look. Some kind of paint treatment and I knew it would be great in our house. Aaaaaand, we got it!

Here it is. Such a bargain at $37. When we brought it home, we realized it was made by Lane so I'm really happy with the deal. It will be cute and I'll share when I finish. (don't mind the background here, that's another project for another post.)

Those fun decorative scrolls I liked were the very last item on the block so a long drive through nearby neighborhoods, a Sonic lunch, and trip to the grandpa's for the potty, and many hours later, we came back to find out that Kevin scooped up my decor for a song.

All 13 for $13. One dollar a piece. I know they don't look that exciting -- that gold is a little gaggy -- but they have some good potential and will be perfect for staging too. And most of them were marked with their original $39.99 or $24.99 price tags. I love a bargain. Pass the spray paint.

We also grabbed these organizing whole dollar for ALL of them. Oh boy! (I use these in almost every drawer/pantry in our house.)

And can't forget the cake decorator in the family... Lots and lots of flavor labels -- hundreds of them--for $1.

Kevin also picked up a HUGE commercial freezer on behalf of his dad who plans to store lots and lots of dead animals in it at the farm. (ew.) By the end of the day things were going very, very cheap and we are still thinking about the huge butcher block table that sold for $15. The one that got away... Yes, I think it is safe to say there will be many more auctions in our future. We are SOLD!

(Today's P.S. Thanks so much for all the feedback, comments, etc on my first post and our new blog/look/mission. I am excited to share lots more here. I'm going to start the room-by-room before and after on our current home tomorrow so be sure to come back and join me!)

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