Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year, New Look

Have you been here before? If so, things probably look a little different. For one, I'm posting which is something that hasn't graced these pages for a long, long time. Almost a year to be exact. I was smack in the middle of posting about our then-6-month-old youngest son. And then...I kind of fell off the blogging wagon. I've been thinking alot about the much-forgotten blog in the last few months. Thinking about how I've missed blogging...missed having that permanent record of what's happening in our lives and how I wanted to return to the Land o' Blog. But I also thought about how I wanted to return in a kind of different way.

Which brings us to now. Well, kind of...

To know where you are, you've gotta know where you've been, right? Well, let's back up a minute -- here's where the Miller Spot started:

With the two little lines of a positive pregnancy test. And that first post was on Thursday. May 3, 2007.

Man, that feels like a long time ago! Maybe that's because since then, we've met the result of that positive pregnancy test (4-year-old Riley), experienced another set of positive tests (15-month-old Asher), met that little bundle, and moved three times since then. Yes -- THREE TIMES IN FIVE YEARS (more on that later).

But that's not all.

We've also opened a business, closed a business, changed professions -- from writer/editor to Realtor for me, and restaurateur to remodeling extraordinaire for Kevin -- and flipped a house or two, or three. We've made friends, lost friends, found friends, found ourselves, struggled, thrived, and everything in-between. Whew.

So, what does that have to with this?

Well, in that time our interests shifted a little -- or we've refined them, at least. We have come to terms with that fact that we have one big passion in life (aside from our family which is obviously the main focus/passion/all-encompassing reason for existence) -- we love houses. Love. Them.

We love to buy houses, sell house, decorate houses, renovate houses, fill houses with more stuff than needs to fit in them. We like to tour houses, snoop in houses, imagine houses in different ways. If it is house-related, then we want to do it or be a part of it.

And so, after a failed business and chance to start anew, we decided to spend our life doing what we love. We decided to become full-time house renovators. I would get my license and become a real estate agent, Kevin would be the general contractor, I'd design the spaces, and we would be quite a team. So, that was the plan -- and that's what we did. And that's what we are doing.

A whole lot of this:
 To this:
 And this:
 To this:

There's a lot more where that came from... (check out our flips on the tabs above)

So, while I still want to post cute pictures of our adorable children for our families and friends to see, I find myself doing that more on Facebook instead of sad, neglected blog. And all of our creative projects, home decor, and general house flipping fun has no outlet. I mean, really, I need a place to talk about drawer pulls and cabinet handles until I'm blue in the face. Pretty sure, if I did that on Facebook my friend count would go waaaay down.

And with that -- here I am. And here we are -- The Miller Spot 2.0. All in all, basically the same thing, but in a different outfit. This is a place for me to come and share (with myself and anyone else who happens to stumble onto our little corner of the Interwebs) my kiddo birthday parties (which I completely obsess about, and are never boring), our family trips, milestones, and general Miller happenings, but those everyday, love-my-family posts will now be combined with home projects, design ideas, our house flipping, and general rants about construction, remodeling, and paint samples -- or bamboo blinds, my current shop-and-compare item.

Not entirely a mom blog, not a design blog -- more of a lifestyle blog. Our lifestyle. So that we can look back in a year or two (or almost five) and see how far we've come, what we have been through, and what we have accomplished. Or just to see how ugly the before pictures are when we can't remember. Or how awesome the birthday parties were.(By the way, our blog saved me lately when I realized we lost half of our pictures in a computer calamity. Thank goodness for the blog and its archive of our lives.)

And, that's that. If you're still reading after all of that long-winded fun, I will finish up by saying that I hope you enjoy your stay, your return visit, your misdirected click. Here's to a new leg of a long journey...Miller style.

(P.S. Missing our old posts, wondering what was going on the last time we spoke? Check out the original Miller Spot HERE.)

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  1. This is fabulous...I look forward to all of the above!!! I love the new look, too!


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